American Epic: The Best of Mississippi John Hurt

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Blues fingerpicking guitarist, singer and sharecropper Mississippi John Hurt was born in the heart of Mississippi Hill Country, along the veiny tributaries of the great American river. His moving renditions of “Frankie” and “Spike Driver Blues” were included in Harry Smith’s American Anthology of Folk Music in 1952 and were vitally influential on the Greenwich Village folk music revival of the 1960s as well as John Fahey’s development of the American Primitive Guitar genre.

Single LP with single pocket tip-on jacket with soft touch finish


SIDE A 1. Frankie 2. Ain’t No Tellin’ 3. Spike Driver Blues 4. Avalon Blues 5. Louis Collins 6. Candy Man Blues

SIDE B 1. Stack O' Lee Blues 2. Praying On The Old Camp Ground 3. Blue Harvest Blues 4. Got the Blues Can’t be Satisfied 5. Big Leg Blues 6. Nobody's Dirty Business 7. Blessed Be The Name